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Monitor & Manage

Effective management of train services requires up-to-date diverse information from many sources. Getting this information quickly and easily in a user-friendly manner can save valuable time and lead to better decisions and improved performance.

Performance management processes can also be simplified, meaning more time and effort can be focussed on delivery.

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Communicate & Collaborate

Effective communication is critical to decision-making and implementation of plans. Collaboration can also be improved if all parties have access to common information and can share a common view of events and situations.

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Predict & Anticipate

Advance identification and notification of performance issues in the near to medium term greatly improves management of the service as situations can be managed pro-actively in advance.

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Measure & Analyse

Identifying when, where and how performance issues occur is the first step to improvement. This requires measurement and analysis of large quantities of data and comparison of results with norms to identify and prioritise issues.

Our software captures a wide range of information, improves the granularity of information available and provides sophisticated performance analysis.

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Model & Simulate

The ability to model the performance outputs of a timetable or the performance impact of a particular event is crucial to planning services and to the development of action plans.

Our software provides fast, easy to use but sophisticated and accurate simulations of route performance with easy to understand outputs.

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Access & Share

Using our software, information can be gathered from and shared with all members of the organisation and, where applicable, the public.

This can be used to simplify business processes and communication channels and align the focus of the whole organisation on performance issues.

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IMPACT™ is a suite of integrated mobile web applications for monitoring, analysing, managing and modelling performance, and communicating this information throughout the organisation.

These applications assist the planning, real-time management and historic analysis of train performance.


ACT Informatics provides innovative, value-adding software applications and analytical consultancy services for business performance management.

Specialising in the rail sector we help clients improve their business performance through providing cost-effective, functionally Integrated software applications.

These solutions provide a more complete picture of performance events, network capacity and resource availability.

This helps our customers:

Improve effective communication & critical information access
  Predict & manage performance events
  Analyse & identify performance drivers
Manage the competing pressures of capacity utilisation and service reliability
  Deliver business process efficiencies

Our integrated products cover the full business delivery lifecycle from planning and simulation of services, through real-time monitoring and near future prediction to analysis of historic performance.

We have a flexible, open approach to customer relationships and can tailor products to meet specific requirements.


Monitor: Our software can help you to monitor performance, stock and crew in real time, allowing performance events to be identified as early as possible.

Proactive: Performance events can be predicted and managed more effectively, with action taken earlier and less perturbation caused.

Mobile: Information is available wherever staff need it, via mobile devices, allowing it to be acted on in real-time by all staff.

Flexible: Our systems provide flexible network views, allowing all parties to share common information presented bespoke ways

Faster response: Using our software all members of the operations team can communicate information quickly and effectively enabling better actions to be taken.

Collaborate: Collaboration between organisations can be improved as potentially all parties can contribute information, share common access and therefore respond to situations on the basis of better information, more readily available.

Focus / Alignment: IMPACT™ allows the whole organisation to have access to all levels of information, restricted only be security controls imposed by organisational business requirements. Thus the focus of all members of the team can be aligned to the same business objectives.

Passenger Communications: Communications with passengers can also be improved with train and location messaging capability. This communication can be managed directly with customers or via station and train staff, improving the customer/passenger experience.

Simplified Investigation: Performance event analysis and reporting can be managed in real-time simplifying the investigation, recording and analysis process.

Easier Simulations: Perform more realistic simulations, faster with less effort. Evaluations of the performance impact of timetable changes, network performance events, alternative network layouts and other constraints / factors can be performed quickly and easily. Using IMPACT™ shortens the time, effort and cost required to build models and perform subsequent analysis.

More Accurate Simulations: Using IMPACT™ removes the inherent inaccuracies built into statistical distributions by using real data that captures natural variations in performance.

Low Maintenance: Using the power of real data, modelling effort can be significantly reduced with less time building and maintaining models. These models are also maintained for network sections that reflect the current network state.

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