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IMPACT™ is an integrated suite of web-applications built around a common data and processing core. This core allows data from numerous sources to be integrated and presented through a common interface.

This provides a significant step-change in the information and tools available to operational staff tasked with planning, managing delivery and reporting performance of rail services.

IMPACT™ is available to assist you and your staff to deliver a better service NOW .

Flexibility & Power

The data model at the centre of IMPACT™ enables information from numerous data sources to be presented through a single interface and is powerful enough to allow dated versions of the network to be maintained. At the same time it is flexible and allows multiple bespoke views of the network to meet individual user requirements. This means that the model can be used for monitoring current network status and performance, analysing past performance and events and for simulations of future timetables and network layouts.

The robust data model at the centre of IMPACT™ also allows additional information to be added easily allowing customer specific requirements to be added more easily us to meet customer requirements.

The network schematics are date & time versioned to allow you to view historical performance as it occurred at the time. This allows replay of past performance over changed network layouts.

Simialrly if you want to simulate a revised network layout, or multiple network layouts to compare performance? Simply copy the existing layout to a new schematic and use the network editing tool to make the changes required. Multiple network versions can be created for simulations quickly and easily.

If the network layout is being radically, or even being completely re-created By using the network editor, new layouts can be created from scratch from signalling diagrams or other design documents quickly and easily.

All controlled schematics, are maintained by ACT Informatics free of charge to remove concerns about the effort and cost of maintaining network views if the network changes or users wish to see things in a different way.

Anywhere, Anytime Availability

IMPACT™ is a web-application enabling:

  • Wider access to information and functionality as tasks no longer need to be conducted solely in the office, now you can have the information you need where-ever you are.
  • Processes to be streamlined.
  • Better information provision to customers and other parties, allowing relationships to be improved.

Information can also be downloaded to your PC to allow work offline

System Benefits

Reduced IT infrastructure and maintenance costs: Maintenance and update of the system is easier and client hardware requirements are minimised. Costs are reduced by lower IT infrastructure support and maintenance requirements on end user systems and architecture.

Better support: Faster response to customers for additional requirements.

Always up-to-date: Because the software is never installed on the client machine the latest version is always available.

Improved Data security: Data is kept safe in a secure hosted environment. The requirement to store information in multiple systems and move data between them is also reduced.

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